Brain Injury Australia

“Developing an image for what Brain Injury Australia does was always going to be difficult. Charlene Chen’s logo was chosen from the hundreds that were offered both because it combined colour (positive) and movement (suggestive of recovery from brain injury continues) and because it “said” something (in the logo’s change of direction) about the way the brain self-repairs after injury – in continued function but by different means, pathways, synapses.

It was the clear frontrunner by far and has garnered positive feedback from Brain Injury Australia’s constituents and the broader community. It also indicates to me that Charlene is that rare graphic designer who combines visual flair with imagination in equal amounts.”

– Nick Rushworth,
Brain Injury Australia Executive Officer

*This project is part of my course in Monash University.
I was honoured to have my logo design selected (amongst 100 other entries by students from universities across Victoria) by the CEO of Brain Injury Australia to best represent their cause in supporting its members.