AlcoSense Client Services make it easy for customers to calibrate their breathalyser. Instead of calling in to manually book in a calibration, customers can now keep…

Website design for Petzgo, a new and expanding line of waterproof pet products.

Mobileye is an Advanced Driver Awareness System that emit warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. Various collateral was created for Andatech Corp, their authorised distributer in Australia….

Andatech is a distributor of quality health and safety products. The main goal of the website is to allow resellers and retail customers to easily access information such as product features and specification, while acting as a portal to provide technical support and services. The redesign of the website focuses on representing Andatech as one company with divisions of Safety, Wellness, and Innovation. As such, each division is given a distinctive colour scheme while maintaining an overall consistent look and feel.

Various collateral for Juicepresso, a cold press juicer manufactured by Coway. Print Ads Facebook Ad Exhibition Counter

Slow Juicer is a web store offering a carefully selected range of slow juicers (also called cold press juicers). Apart from being an online retailer, Slow…

A collection of icons I’ve made.

Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Juicer Choosing a juicer can be a tough decision considering the amount of products on the market. This…

Logo and packaging design for LifeSpring slow juicer. The bright and clean aesthetic compliments the minimal design of the juicer as both a functional kitchen…

Print collateral for the Wellness division of Andatech Corporation.

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